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Honestly, I struggled to narrow down a topic to write about considering everything that’s happening in our country today. It’s all racing through my mind in a jumbled mess of a combination of unbelievable events, outlandish claims, grandstanding, and things I never thought I’d ever see in America.

Most recently, we have judiciary and oversight committee hearings who have thrown the rules of those meetings out the window and turned the proceedings into a 3-ring circus I’m ashamed for any other country to witness. All this is going on as Trump is negotiating for world peace in a foreign country with some dangerous, maniacal, murderous parties. Imagine how they see these proceedings through their eyes and how they could detrimentally affect negotiations. I’ve heard pundits declare the timing of the proceedings was not deliberate on the part of the Dems. I would submit as with most things coming from the mouths of the MSM and Dems, this is bullshit.

We have Muslim women serving on Congress, one, a burka wearing, Jew and American hating representative supported by a terrorist organization, CAIR, and an advocate for Islam. Another vowing to her son hours after her election to “impeach the M-Fer.” And still another promoting the New Green Deal, Medicare for all, free education, and a paycheck for people unwilling work with no clue whatsoever as to how to pay for it all. When called out about her NGD, she proclaims she’s in charge, she’s the boss, and we’re just “shouting from the cheap seats.” In other words, obey, sit down and shut up.

We have Democrat representatives advocating for late term or in-labor abortions, live birth infanticide, and voting against the protection and care of surviving babies of abortions. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) one of the newest female freshmen in Congress now even suggests perhaps we shouldn’t be having children at all.

Even prior to Trump being elected, speaking conservative views on campuses had become a life and death endeavor. Now, even wearing Trump supporting or MAGA gear anywhere may result in a beat-down from a liberal ticking time bomb suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

We have Democrats running for POTUS in 2020 openly advocating for socialism, which would result in complete government control of our lives and complete gun confiscation, leaving us with no say and no way to protect ourselves, and we have young people indoctrinated through the education system thinking this is a good idea. Trump supporters when pointing Venezuela as a perfect example of failure of socialism are mocked, and the truth completely ignored.

I am in a constant state of disbelief and WTF at the things occurring in our great country, coming from people who have proven they don’t care two-shits about the American people, and wish only to destroy America in their quest for power, control, and money. It is difficult some days to remain optimistic and hopeful, especially when all of our hopes lie in the hands of one man and his administration in the face opposition of from every direction. But, I believe that in the midst of unimaginable despair life can sometimes offers us a miracle. I often refer back to Trump’s words at his rallies, in his speeches, and even when interacting with the MSM. There’s no doubt in my mind or my heart that every time he speaks to us, if you listen closely, you can hear him saying “I got this.”

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