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A theory on the 6/3/2018 Q post. Any one or all of these may be correct.

BOOM 1: Awan/DemCaucus Investigation Report released, detailing multiple people signing into a single Admin account, accessing data that otherwise would be off limits, hidden comms using email Drafts

BOOM 2: NK denuke, POTUS most definitely goes down in history (NOBEL) making MSM look like liars/sore losers for all the doubt and hate that casted on Trump team re: Korea/China

BOOM 3: Obama got caught slippin re: IRAN sanctions. THERES NO WAY MSM CAN IGNORE THIS.

BOOM 4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY POTUS, OIG Report released, FBI/HRC dominoes begin to tumble… McCabe & Comey officially sweating bullets.

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