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“SPYGATE” It’s A Real Thing

The mainstream media would like us to believe that “SPYGATE” is nothing more than another conspiracy theory employed to distract Americans from what President Trump is doing.

The fact is, SPYGATE is real and the majority of what the MSM is putting out there is intended to distract Americans from what’s being uncovered in the investigations of the Obama administration, politically corrupt individuals in the intelligence community, and the media that they controlled. Sadly, for our country, so far this looks to be much worse than Watergate ever hoped to be.

The media wants us to believe it’s just a matter of a few politically motivated people within the IC (intelligence community) who may or may not have attempting to prevent someone other than their favored globalist democrats from winning an election.

The fact is, this goes MUCH deeper than a few non-essential people who were unhappy about how the 2016 election turned out. In fact, more that’s uncovered, the more evil this scandal is proving itself to be, up to and including, attempting to undermine and overthrow a dully elected President of the United States.

If that sounds like Treason, sedition, and a host of other high crimes, that’s because that is exactly what it we’re talking about.

We plan to pull together some of the best articles across the web that provide the evidence that’s been found thus far. Since it appears that every day there’s something else that’s found come back often to get updates as they come in.

Article 18 signs pointing to a counterintelligence operation deployed against Trump’s campaign – The only thing I see wrong in this article is that despite her best efforts, author () starts off claiming, “It may be true that President Trump illegally conspired with Russia”.  She obviously know that there has been zero evidence found that supports that claim. But, rather than admit that, she claims that our president was just so clever at this alleged collusion that he managed to keep the entire intelligence community from being able to prove it.

Well, that’s a lie, but at least she goes on to point out that mysterious, unknown to her, therefore unnamed people in the opposing political party were apparently just as guilty, if not more so, of crimes before, during, and after the election, than anything President Trump has been accused of.

It’s a good read, if you look over the fact that she’s trying desperately to not point a finger at anyone in the Obama administration, or the intelligence community, or the media while outlining the crimes that have been found.

Article 2WIKILEAKS DROPS HUGE BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama Ordered CIA To SPY On French Candidates In Presidential Election – The only issue I found with this article is that they only mention the elections around the world that Obama has meddled in (France, the UK, and Israel) since he left the office of POTUS.  There were more prior to him going into that position though.  In fact, the Prototype for Obama meddling in world elections started in Kenya – And from the time he took that journey up to today, he’s trotted about the globe attempting to overthrow governments everywhere he’s gone, either by election or by illegal wars.


Article 3: The London to Langley Spy Ring – Even before the first Republican primary, a London-to-Langley spy ring had begun to form against Donald Trump. British spies sent to CIA director John Brennan in late 2015 alleged intelligence on contacts between Trumpworld and the Russians, according to the Guardian.

(…more to come)

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