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Info pooled from an awesome anon at 8chan

The events are loosely categorized to highlight events in the USA, NK, U1 & DOE, Russia, Intel/Leaks and I included a Misc. for a couple key events that tie into other areas. Many more columns could have been made but I was focusing on THESE issues. The digging into Hussein’s cabinet-level positions will be a huge undertaking because surely others were rotten, too.

Read it vertically to follow progress within a sector.

Key leadership changes are highlighted in purple.

Blue dates are approximate – I did the best I could with these. The others are accurate to about a day.

I expected to find some correlations with cabinet/director level positions, and although there were some, I was struck by how sequences of events could be isolated by the DEPUTY-level positions.

Obviously HRC’s tenure as Sec. of State was pivotal in the transfer of fissile material and Intel but she wasn’t working alone …
Five people stand out when I look at this:

Michael Morell, Deputy Dir. of CIA
Google gets defense mapping contract
Eric Schmidt takes a less prominent role at Google (this empowered him!)
Snowden moves to Hawaii to collect intel.
David Petraeus comes and goes as Director CIA
Retires shortly after the Snowden leaks

David Petraeus, Director of CIA
Snowden moves to Hawaii to collect intel
Kim Jong-il dies/Kim Jong-un ascends
Petraeus is forced out 3 weeks before Snowden makes first contact in prep to leak.

John Brennan, Director of CIA
Snowden leaks/runs 3 months after Brennan’s confirmation
U1 is made a private Co.
FBI warns Russia is involved in industrial espionage in tech
Google gets its very own military airfield … wow.
Hussein starts giving cash to Iran
Podesta’s email is “hacked”
DNC is “hacked”
NK embarks on a long string of successful missile launches (probably much sooner than known)
NK produces a miniature nuclear warhead (probably much sooner than known)
CIA points the finger at Russia, Russia, Russia
Lori Garver, Deputy Amin. of NASA
Hussein cancels the NASA Constellation Project/increase private sector spending
SpaceX reaches geosynchronous orbit
Kim Jong-il dies/Kim Jong-un ascends
NK places an observation satellite in orbit
Eric Schmidt visits NK
She resigns shortly after Snowden leaks


Daniel Poneman, Deputy Sec. of Energy.
Served on the Nat. Sec. Counciil under Bush41
BC appoints him Senior Director on NSC
Hussein appoints him Depty. Sec. of Energy
Rosatom begins takeover of U1
NK tests first fully functional Nuke
BC visits NK
Robert Mueller takes HEU to Russia
Russia embarks on their “Silicon Valley” clone
HRC’s Russia reset
Rosatom achieves control of U1
Kim Jong-il dies
Rosatom gets 100% of U1
Snowden moves to HI and subsequently leaks
He worked in GHW Bush, Bill Clinton AND Hussein administrations!
Oh, yeah and he’s a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)!!!!!

Why haven’t we heard about Daniel Poneman before?
His Wikipedia bio is surprisingly short for someone with such a long career. Frankly, I think it screams, “spook!”

Finally, I think the key timeframe during this was 2013 – specifically the first quarter, or so.

Look at the leadership changes that occurred. It appears that most of the damage was done but I suspect that was just gears that were set in motion and people left before something much worse actually took place.

I propose that Snowden’s leaks were the final smokescreen they needed.

Further, I propose that Snowden was working for a rogue faction within the CIA that no longer needed in-house surveillance because they were getting all they needed directly from Google. They would have necessarily needed to blind the few white hats in the CIA in addition to the entire NSA.

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