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So.. You Want To Claim “Q” Is A LARP or Conspiracy Theory?

There are numerous tales being circulated with claims by more than one “anon” that he/she actually started the original “Q” LARP and now wants to “come clean”. I felt it was important for us to be prepared to address these claims head on if we don’t want to have to defend every truth we share with the “normies” when the SHTF.

Of course, with the exception of the very public “fame fags” who’ve recently been called out for profiteering off the “Q” movement, none of these anons feel guilty enough to dox themselves, or even give us the nic they supposedly used on the chan boards. No, for some strange reason, the people claiming to expose Q all seem to feel just enough guilt to claim all of this is coincidence.

1. The numerous (no less than a dozen) confirmations by POTUS and others that Q is real and near to him. One of first I personally recall is when President Trump posted an image on his Twitter account named “DOITQ”.

One of the most recent and compelling, though was the photo taken at Joint Base Andrews the day of President Trump’s visit there to welcome home the 3 prisoners from N. Korea. The photo included two Air Force fire trucks holding a U.S. flag like a banner. The truck on the right was numbered Q74. This is odd in itself since nearly all fire trucks are numbered following a letter than signifies the job they perform (L=ladder truck, P=pumper truck, etc) The Q post was coincidentally #74 and included a request that the anons on 8chan research the photo.  When they did, the result was astounding. Another photo was found of the same truck, parked in front of a billboard with the words “Patriot Fight” in huge red, white and blue letters. Q’s private 8chan board just happens to be named “PatriotsFight”…

All just a cluster of coincidences?

2. That brings us to how even a crackpot team of “techies” pulling a LARP managed to get their hands on so many original photos (not found anywhere else on the internet) from all over the world  that they could then post in Q’s drops. We’re talking about photos taken in Washington DC, London, Korea, China, the Middle East, as well as many other locations, not to mention, in flight on Air Force 1.  How many “techies” have access to all those places in the space of a few months.. or even a lifetime?

3. How could a team of “techies” lay out the basic shopping list for the Presidents plan of draining the swamp and be so accurate about who/what comes next? I know that autism has its benefits, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard “prophecy” or “time travel” being on that list.

4. Speaking of lists.  What about the tens of thousands of sealed indictments (This is an unprecedented number)?

5. Then there’s the fact that Q requested the 8chan anons investigate online photos and report their findings (if there were any) to the FBI regarding Ray Chandler.  Around that same time was when Q gave us hints about others involved in human trafficking.  Then, by sheer coincidence (??) came the arrest of Allison Mack & Keith Raniere, and the shutdown of Nxivm.

6. Every.. single.. time.. Q has warned about the increased potential of false flags due to information that’s about to be released, another mass shooting or other such event has taken place.

7. Regarding those warnings, remember when the FBI opened their investigation into Q after the Texas bombings because of what was obviously foreknowledge of just such an event?  I do..

8. By the way: Why didn’t this alleged “techie” LARP team throw in the towel and come clean on 8chan once the FBI was involved? Are we to believe that a bunch of techies, some with wives and children, would sit around continuing a charade of this magnitude once there was a real risk of them being found out and doxxed by the FBI.

9. Why are the politicians that are about to be fully exposed and the media that’s supported them working so hard to silence Q? If you don’t believe they’re following Q, start watching them and listening to their use of terms like “rabbit hole”, “LARP” and so on. In the course of 6 months the number of “anti-Q” articles has gone from 1 off the wall blog, to no less than two dozen, including several that are breaking into the MSM category. Of course, as with most of what’s put out by the media these days, they are for the most part, copies of the original referring to Q as a conspiracy theory.

10. Why is it that the very people and entities that “Q” has exposed are the ones that are now claiming they’re exposing “Q”? From fame-fags, to profiteers, to the Mockingbird Media. “Q” has called them all out over the past 6 months and they’re simply fighting to hold the power over “we the people” that they’ve held so long.

UPDATE:  On May 20th, Q warned us to expect more attacks and that they would get worse.

Today.. 8chan comes under serious attack.

All this and we’re still suppose to simply accept your word that Q is a LARP or a mere Conspiracy Theory?

Not Likely.

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