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Meet David Hogg – Professional Victim and Aspiring News Anchor

Meet David Hogg, professional victim and aspiring young news anchor. He’s been a very busy boy, building his “face in front of the camera” portfolio for the liberal media.

David Hogg produces his own news video Aug 6, 2017 – Rodondo Beach, CA – Here he claims a friend of his was the alleged victim of a “mean lifeguard”.

David Hogg again – August 15, 2017 – Torrence, CA – says he’ll be going “back to Florida in 4 days”. This is also the video where he admits he met his friend Noah by “SHOOTING HIM IN THE LEG” (3.07 mark). My guess is that none of the news anchors that interviewed him bothered to research the background of their favorite new anti-gun lobbyist.

Apparently David (or his dad, the retired FBI agent) impressed someone in the media.  Or maybe it was his mom, who apparently has big connections at CNN.

Whoever it was that helped him, David’s career really took off after he became the most popular surviving victim of the “Florida School Massacre” getting gigs with no less than a half dozen news teams.



This is where he apparently told the anchor that it was a teacher that ushered them into a closet, where he bravely risked his life to interview his classmates, just in case they all died in the closet.



They were so impressed with him that they gave him his own microphone, just like the big boy anchors.


This is where he tells Allisyn Camerota that a janitor ushered him and his classmates into a classroom and saved all their lives.

But, here he got some serious coaching before his CNN interview.

Here’s an amazing clip that shows several teenagers, hiding in a closet from a rampaging gunman who is stalking the halls right outside the door. They supposedly know he’s out there murdering their fellow students, but not one of them is in a state of panic, no crying, not even a terrified look. None of them seem the slightest concern that these could be their last words.  They just calmly provide their “I want gun control” speeches for this future fake news for CNN propagandist, David Hogg.  The really sad thing is, so many on the left will never believe this is staged.




  1. His first victim interview was in 2016 in Atlanta, GA or Charlotte, NC.. we’re not sure which. But he claims to be 15 years old.
  2. This time David’s friend is the victim of a mean lifeguard at Rodondo Beach, CA.
  3. This is the video where he admits he met his friend Noah by “SHOOTING HIM IN THE LEG”.
  4. In one interview with CBSN, he tells the anchor that a teacher put him and some classmates in a closet, where he recorded what could have been their last words.  But in the next interviews with FoxNews and CNN he says it was a janitor that saved all their lives by shutting in a classroom
  5. In the interview with MSNBC he claims that his teacher locked the door to the classroom, but the fire alarm was pulled so they had to leave the classroom.  In his interview with FoxNews, he says that the teachers are trained to lock the doors in just such a situation and that this quick response probably saved hundreds of lives.
  6. The staged closet interviews

UPDATE:  The twitter image posted here earlier has been proven to be a FAKE.  We apologize for placing it here before it was completely verified and will be watching more carefully in the future to insure everything we post is accurate and the truth.

UPDATE (March 31, 2018)
After being caught in several lies and changing his position on several occasions, David Hogg has come under intense scrutiny by people on both sides of the political fence.


Recently exposed was the fact that he’s being coached by high ranking members of the old Obama administration.

“The beginning of our marathon” ??? What’s that mean?

The attempt by his handlers to rally high school kids from all over the country doesn’t seem to be working out quite like they planned either and it appears that the majority of those attending these marches and rallies are the same people that have rallied for Hillary for years.


If you have verifiable information that exposes the truth about this phony victim, please leave a comment below or contact us through our email link on the contact page.

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