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We Helped Do This… Together!

There is a huge shift in the Russian Collusion narrative that Congressman Adam Schiff (D) of California and others have been been pushing. And WE helped do this…together!

This is the February 18, 2018 tweet from Donald Trump:

“Finally,Liddle’AdamSchiff, the leakin’ monster of no control, is now blaming the Obama
Administration for Russian meddling in the 2016 Election. He is finally right about something. Obama was President, knew of the threat, >and  did nothing. Thank you Adam!”

@realDonaldTrump • Today at 7:22 AM

Never doubt our effectiveness, or feel you aren’t contributing enough, think about it for a long minute or so.

When is the LAST time the government moved this fast? and with this level of transparency? Or, at all??

So far, We The People:

  • Voted in an effective administration that is motivated by our needs – and voted out what would have only been a continuation of the Obama Administration, only much worse.
  • Became hyper-aware that we need to pay closer attention to what’s been occurring regarding this moment in time. For some it has been a lifelong pursuit; for others a recent awakening.
  • Saw the messages that were sent to us through QAnon, 4/8chan geniuses, or divine intervention.
  • Individually vowed to demand freedom and justice and decided to join the cause and DO something.
  • Chose to open up and take a chance on other people and at least try!
  • Formed a collective and growing community and used their own weapons against them!

…and so WE began turning the tides! WE are pushing government to the point where they must take action or choose a life of unrelenting harassment through continual embarrassing exposure and humiliation.

We are now the driving force as POTUS et al continue to clear the way forward. We were given back our power to make change actually happen. It’s a rough road to travel, but well worth the time and struggle as we slowly see even the smallest changes happening.

Every single person who is with us right now is doing this amazing thing, together. From the extreme pro-actives to the quiet hopefuls, small things make an impact too. Only 13% of Patriots were involved in the first American Revolution.

I’m heartened and humbled by it. It keeps me determined to make every effort that I can muster, no matter how insignificant it seems because I know collectively, we are winning!

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