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Moar On The Mockingbird Media

How do news sites manage to report on these events several hours before they happen? Here’s a link to the article.

Here are more articles that came out BEFORE the shooting even took place.


The purpose of Operation Mockingbird is to control the general opinion of the American populace.

By planting actors across all media (television, radio, newspaper, internet) and ensuring proper delivery of a coherent narrative, the deep state is able to control what the populace learns, understands and believes about currents events and society at large.

This extends also to “controlled opposition”, whereby ideologies are placed at odds with one another by deep state media actors, fomenting rivalry and hatred in the populace.

This occurs to the extent that a carefully crafted “us v. them” mentality has metastasized in all demographics and facets of the media.

Another particularly sinister function of Operation Mockingbird is the control of facts regarding scandalous events that might undermine the goals and missions of the deep state.

Such facts, when brought to light, are labeled as “conspiracy theories” and those people that understand and spread such facts are labeled as pariah by society at large.

This social conditioning has the benefit of highlighting potential targets and upstarts who might otherwise attempt to subvert deep state control despite peer pressure/their own inclination to keep quiet.

What’s more, entertainment media are used to craft stories and counterstories regarding such “theories” as pure fantasy or “science fiction”, such that any revelation regarding the horrors of deep state activity can be written off as “Hollywood” or “something out of the movies”.

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