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Introduction to Q & The Great Awakening

An Introduction To Q And The Great Awakening

We live in the most amazing time in modern history. It may seem scary to some of you but that’s because you likely don’t know that there are events going on behind the scenes that make it amazing. Few people know about these events and even fewer can fully understand what they are all about. I don’t pretend to understand all of it and I’m not even sure I can explain it in terms that will help you understand the basics. I just know that the time has come for me to try share this knowledge with you… because you really do need to know.

We’ve all heard terms describing various entities working inside and outside our government to undermine the will of the people. I’m not talking about whatever opposing political party you might have either. Until now, these entities haven’t been more to most of us than ghostly groups of individuals, consisting of the most wealthy and powerful in the world and a select few within our government, who are doing their bidding. We all know a few names that set off bells, but there’s been no substantial evidence to prove what they were actually doing and how they were doing it.

The fact is, there is a much larger entity involved in all of this than any of us imagined. There is actually a global effort, supported by the wealthiest people in the world, who quite literally, are attempting to overthrow the government of the United States (and numerous other countries) in order to bring the global population into submission to a single dictatorship that has some of the most hideous activities imaginable in its history.

We’re talking about a slow, methodical global coup d’état where evil reigns. As I said, this is not a political thing, so you have to put all politics aside, whether you like our president or not. Neither is this a racial thing because people from every ethnicity are involved. In every sense of the words, this is a GOOD vs. EVIL thing and whether you know it or not, it has most likely already effected you and/or your family.

For decades, this group has been free to destroy and/or ignore one law after another and steal trillions upon trillions of dollars from the American people, so they can facilitate unfathomable evil. The founders of our great nation warned us about them and told us to always be prepared to stand against them. They are most assuredly “the enemy within”.

But… suppose there is also a group of patriots who found themselves in positions among these evildoers. After connecting with each other behind the scenes they discuss their situation, share their knowledge and skills, and come to the conclusion that the time has come to either do something, or watch our country fall. So.. they devise a plan and begin to do what real patriots do. Not since the Civil War has this sort of thing happened in our country.

However, in order to fully carry out their plan to bring justice to these criminals, they needed to have a President in the White House that they could trust to work with them. We haven’t had one of those for decades now.  So, the man they chose for this was Donald J. Trump. Yes.. he was chosen, for such a time as this, and the more we open our eyes to what is going on, the more we all realize that it’s fortunate for us, he accepted the challenge. These patriots made certain that the powers that have had control over our election process in the past were unable to “steal this election” from the people and even before he was sworn into office…

The Storm began to build…

For months, this team of patriots worked quietly behind the scenes right alongside President Trump, gathering evidence, making one case after another, and making certain that everything that needed to be done to remove this evil from our midst was done. Nothing was overlooked and just as a spider carefully spins its web, each strand and connection is being put in place to trap the prey.

It was at this point that President Trump and these brave patriots decided the time had come to reach out to the people and let us know what was happening. So, they came up with an identity known as “Q”, which many believe is in reference to “Q Clearance”, a security term used in our government. Next two venues were chosen for making contact. The first was a couple of obscure and anonymous chat boards called 4chan and 8chan. The language can seem quite foreign and at times even offense to some. But the mind of the average anonymous poster (referred to as an Anons) is wide open to the clever way they were approached and fully equipped to do the lightning research required to not only prove validity, but decipher the clues, and put all the puzzle pieces together to assist in getting the message out. All I can say is that the Q team chose wisely here, because many of the people involved in this aspect are truly gifted… I mean TRULY GIFTED. The second venue was Twitter. I know our President’s use of Twitter has been a topic of contention since the day he took office. But please trust me here. EVERYTHING he posts on that site is there for a specific purpose and the wording is done exactly the way it needs to be despite appearances.

“Nothing is a coincidence”.

Sometimes it’s to draw out the nefarious people and get them to respond in a particular way. Sometimes, it’s to deliver a message to those working with him in the shadows. Most recently, it was to verify to the Anons on the chan boards that Q Anon is the REAL DEAL. President Trump himself delivered that verification via Twitter. Many of these reprehensible people, including politicians and those in the media realize that the hammer is about to fall on them. That is why we’re seeing CEO’s across the country flocking to retire early, politicians resigning or suddenly deciding they won’t be running again in the next election, and even some rashly taking flights out of the country to avoid prosecution. Then there are the unrelenting attempts to force President Trump out of office, by any means necessary. They are desperate in their effort to stop him from yanking their global dictatorship out from under them.

I know it sounds like a bad Hollywood movie. But.. this is real life my friends and it is happening right now, even as I type these words. I have seen much of the evidence including the horror and witnessed the validation of the Q-Anon Team. Very soon, terrible news will surface. It will seem impossible to believe. There will be horrible, sickening, unbelievable things that will shake your world. You will find out that some people you thought were good, have been involved in what can only be described as monstrous behavior.

This message is intended only to forewarn you, so when this news breaks, you will be as prepared as possible to face it.

All your other questions about Q can be answered here on the various links provided.

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