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Dictionary of Chan Slang Terms

Commonly found terms and definitions on our site

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4channer – A member of the online 4chan community


animu – This is merely a humorous alteration of English term ‘anime’, from Japanese アニメ (“anime”) which is a Japanese style of animation art.
anon – An anonymous person. Most all contributors on 4 & 8 chan post as “Anonymous” so they are all referred to as anons.
autist – Someone who is detail oriented to a degree of obsession, actually autistic, or is obsessed with Minecraft.



baker – An anon that works to combine corresponding anon posts with Q posts into a format that can be viewed all together, such as a pdf file.
BO – Board Owner
Britfag – An anon from the United Kingdom
bread – Q posts and often times posts from anons that solve clues and put pieces of the puzzle together are combined into a “dough” to make “bread”.
/b/tard – A poster on the /b/ – Random board on 4chan; a member of the /b/ community.



chan – Short for channel. An online chat/bulletin-board community.
copypasta – 1. A block of text which has been copied and pasted from somewhere else. quotations or 2. an error in a software application caused by the copy-and-paste of an erroneous code.

concernfag – Someone who always seems to be concerned about things he/she can’t do anything about.
creepypasta – Sometimes frightening urban legends and short stories circulated on the Internet and copied and pasted to the chat site.



dough – The accumulation of various drops (posts) by Q and/or anons that once combined into the finished larger picture (bread) describe in detail that particular piece of the puzzle.



egofag – An egotistical or attention-seeking person.
egofaggotry – The act of behaving in an egotistical or attention-seeking manner.



fag – Nearly everyone on 4 and 8 chan is some sort of “fag”. This is merely a suffix that is usually attached to an adjective or noun to describe what skill or annoying trait someone has.
famefag – Someone who collects the investigative work of anons and use it to gain fame for themselves.  Some may use their real name (namefag) and others may only lurk to steal the info.
femanon – A female anon



griefer – One who spreads grief: someone who participates primarily to interfere.









kek – Like *LOL* means laughter.



Larp – Short for Live Action Role Playing
Larper – Someone who participates in live action role playing
– A person, especially a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous, who acts bossy or unilaterally declares himself/herself to be in control.
LOLsuit – A frivolous lawsuit.
lulz – For fun and/or amusement.
lulzfag – Someone who causes lulz; amusing, entertaining. A comedienne
lurker – Someone who observes a community rather than participating; someone who reads or takes advantage of content on a website, newsgroup, etc. but does not contribute.



moar – Means “more” typically in an emphasized manner.
mod – Someone who moderates a discussion forum to insure that any rules regarding behavior are not breached.
moralfag – Someone who expresses moral disapproval or moral opinions, especially in a generally amoral setting like the /b/ board on the 4chan community.



n00b – A beginner, someone lacking skill, or someone who uses beginner tactics.
namefag – A person who uses a name online (either their real name or a username) as opposed to posting anonymously, especially on the 4chan community.
newfag – A n00b; an inexperienced member of the 4chan community (or any other online community).
normalfag/normie – Referring to people who have a normal fulfilling offline life and who aren’t familiar with the chan community.



oldfag – a veteran member of the 4chan community (or any other online community).
OP – 1. Original poster; the person who started a thread.  2. (military) Operation or Observation Post.




pedobear – 1. A cartoon bear portrayed as pedophilic, typically featured in darkly humorous image macros.  2. A pedophile.




rickroll – To mislead someone into following a hyperlink which leads to something other than what is claimed.
Rule 34 – From a list of “Rules of the Internet” originally circulated on 4chan by members of Anonymous, in which the rule was formulated as “if it exists, there is porn of it”.




sage – Having wisdom
sauce – Source
scifag – Anon with a science background
shill – to act as a spokesperson or promoter
sperglord – A person who has Asperger’s syndrome or displays Asperger’s-like traits.
spergy – Of, related to, or having characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome
summerfag – A new, inexperienced, and presumably teenage user who joins an online community (especially 4chan) during the summer



triforce – To post three Unicode triangles (▲) arranged in this configuration, especially at 4chan.
tripfag – A person who uses a tripcode to make their posts identifiable on a generally anonymous online community such as 4chan.
troll – To post inflammatory material so as) to attempt to lure others into combative argument for purposes of personal entertainment and/or gratuitous disruption,
trollface – A person who provokes others for personal amusement or to cause disruption.
trolltard – A person who continually provokes others for personal amusement or to cause disruption.






vidya – Video games



waifu – A fictional female character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga or video game).
weeaboo – A non-Japanese person (especially one of Caucasian ancestry) who is obsessed with Japanese culture and behaves in a stereotypical Japanese manner.









  1. hi, you need to add “concernfag” and larper. Thanks.

    • Thank you
      We have updated the list per your suggestions.

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