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We’ve already addressed the questions “Who is QAnon” and “What is The Great Awakening” on other pages. Here we’ll address the question “Is QAnon for Real?”

No one should blindly follow anyone, let alone someone knee-deep in politics or the media. We, the volunteers here at Qpendium, didn’t just jump on this train blindly and we don’t expect you to either. So, please allow us to show you some of what convinced us that this phenomenon known as QAnon is not just another conspiracy theory, or something a bunch of gamers made up.


LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing. It is by far, the easiest and most effective way to derail an anonymous posting that contrasts your own worldview. In the case of many chan anons, authenticating themselves is a catch 22. Reveal too much information, and they give away their identity. Reveal too little, and it is easy to drown out the message. From posting quotes, word for word, that the president would tweet minutes later, to warnings about false flag attempts, Q has gone above and beyond in proving his authenticity.

Whether Q is truly representing the good guys trying to drain the swamp or is an intelligence psych-op to consolidate power, is anybody’s guess. However, when you consider we know who the bad guys are and they’re teaming up with cutouts on fringe news sites to declare Q their enemy and not worthy of your attention, it’s not difficult to conclude that Q is not one of them. Here are a few examples of some of the earlier attacks on us and Q.

The Storm – Explained – By Paris Martineau (12/19/17)
There’s a new, insane conspiracy theory – By Randall Colburn (12/19/17)
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit – the craziest conspiracy theory of all time – By Rob Waugh (11/20/17)
6 Facts (?) about the incredibly odd white rabbit conspiracy theory – By Rob Waugh (11/24/17)
Elon Musk’s SpaceX launch – By Jay Hathaway (1/8/18)
Sean Hannity wades into message board conspiracy “The Storm” – By Bobby Lewis (1/9/18)

A few interesting things to note about these stories.

1. They all refer to Q as a conspiracy theory – Because no one likes to be called a conspiracy nutcase, right? This name calling and belittling is the same tactic that’s been used by the media for years now in their effort to silence anyone they disagree with.

2. Several claim that many of the anons (anonymous posters) at 4chan & 8chan are neo-Nazi’s. Of course that particular accusation has now changed to reflect the CIA/FBI claim that we’re all Russian Bots.

3. Almost every article compared QAnon and “The Storm” to the Pizza-gate talking points. This was most likely because they “think” they’ve debunked the whole “Pizza-gate” story.  Just wait though, until they find out the horrifying truth. They’ll probably go back and try to dig their way through the mountains of information that they had earlier refused to address piece by piece when they had the opportunity.

“The whole truth would put 99% of people in the hospital.”

Q posted that in early November. It was also alluded to numerous times in postings since then. It doesn’t really matter if people in the media claim this is another Pizza-gate, the fact remains that human trafficking, Adrenochrome, satanic rituals (including torture), pedophilia, political blackmail, democide (murder by government), etc., are only the tip of the iceberg in all of this. Though it may be difficult for most people to grasp, making remaining ignorant quite blissful, the truth is liberating even if you can’t sleep once you’re awakened to it. Sadly, Q has indicated all of these are about what’s going in the dark underbelly of our very own government.

One of the biggest issues any “good guy” would face with revealing all the sick, and disgusting truths of this world would be by those in power spinning the information in a way that they could retain control. Millions of people have a worldview defines who they are as an individual. That world view is rooted in their personal identity. If that identity was fractured overnight, people would have breakdowns. Many of us witnessed the extreme emotional response triggered in some when they found out that Donald Trump had won the election last year. A year later and many of those people still cannot accept that he is their president. Having all of this dropped on them at one time would be shock to most of us. But to them, the horror of what he’s been fighting would not only crush them, but would suddenly eliminate all pretense for hating him. ER’s would be flooded and some could actually become suicidal. However, slowly releasing information of actions going on behind the scenes is a great way to waken people without their heads exploding.

“But… with all this on the line, how do you know Q is valid?”

We have created two separate pages of Q posts that have been verified.
1. Q Posts Verified by President Trump’s Tweets
2. Q Posts Verified by Current Events and News

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