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Q Posts Verified by Current Events and News

Q Posts Verified by Current Events and News

1. Two days before the Saudi Arabia events that Julianne Assange called “the puppet taking the hand in US”, Q was focusing on Saudi Arabia. The arrests there ended the power of one of three families who control much of the world as well as dealing a blow to child trafficking around the world and ushering in reforms in a repressive culture. The Bushes and Clinton’s were controlled by these people through money/blackmail.

2. Q said the main goal of the mission was to free the world of the three families who control the world and treats its citizens as money machines. He said that what happened in SA would happen in America, Europe and Asia. Since then we have seen the destabilization of corruption in the following news stories:

  • Merkel forced to hold snap elections in 4 months (now 3) due to failing to form a government.
  • Iran rocked by serious protests that led to the deaths of at least two dozen citizens and the arrest of hundreds.
  • 3 African nations have changed regimes in 3 months. (Zimbabwe, Angola, and the Gambia )
  • Japan’s leader has announced his retirement.
  • Pakistan has had their aid pulled, and has been experiencing riots. American families told to leave.
  • North Korea has agreed to talks with South Korea.
  • Soros and his reliable friends have been challenged on their corruption in the EU.
  • Merkel’s potential fall has destabilized the already tipsy EU.
  • The powerful UN Human Rights Committee leader has announced his retirement after only 3 years.
  • The president has removed a considerable amount of U.S. aid from the UN.
  • Jerusalem has finally officially been recognized as the capital of Israel and a two state solution is closer to reality as a result
  • 3 nations have announced they are changing their currency to Crypto-currency (Bangladesh, Venezuela, and Estonia).
  • South Africa has announced it will nationalize its Federal bank taking back control of their economy.
  • A massive number of resignations or early retirements among American politicians and CEO’s.
  • Isis, which many said would take at least 5 years to defeat, has collapsed.

3.  Q sent a photograph of Harrisburg, PA that appears as though it was taken from 3 mile Island, a Nuke plant off limits to the public located on an island.

4. Q sent a photograph taken from the flight path of Air Force 1 at the same time that the President’s plane was crossing over it. The image was reverse searched and verified as a new photo. Several people on 4chan calculated this.

5. The quality, quantity and freshness of intelligence provided in Q’s posts speaks a lot toward proving this team is who they say they are. A larp simply doesn’t last for hundreds of threads over several months. In fact, a larp seldom lasts more than a few days before being exposed. A larp on 4chan or 8chan doesn’t captivate 100’s if not thousands of people, hit 6 million impressions on twitter, have 2 trip codes compromised (which some say is beyond everyday computers), been verified by other trusted leakers and intelligence veterans.

6. Q ‘s codes and over 1000 questions are strategically structured to augment our search for the truth, not only about Q, but about what’s going on behind the scenes in our government. This would take months to plan/research them all, even if this is a team of Military Intelligence agents.

7. Q said there would be massive arrests. Since November 2017, there have been somewhere between 2400 and 9000 sealed indictments listed in 10 weeks nationwide. There were only 250 for entire year of 2015. Not all of these are relating to our government, and most aren’t for politicians, but Q never said they would be.

8. Q said news anchors who were deep cover CIA were being removed. He asked what anchor would not be on his show that night. Anderson Cooper disappeared from CNN that night and did not return for weeks. Keith Olbermann had a sudden departure & has not returned. Matt Lauer has been removed. Was sexual harassment the only reason? As with dirty congressmen was this the tip of the iceberg?

9. Q said there would be outages of social media, twitter, snapchat and 3 ISP’s across the country reported massive outages. This link shows significant headline making outages across many areas of the US

10. Q said politicians have been recruited to help the mission. The next day Donna Brazile’s book came out and she stated she was afraid for her life after the Seth Rich murder. Feinstein goes on CNN and says no evidence of collusion.

11. Q posted coded comments about the Antifa riots and the plan to declare martial law. The Nat. Guard was already activated meaning that the president could take control of them directly if civil unrest broke out. Suddenly the Antifa/Riots ceased. To the world it looked like Q was wrong.

12. The truth is now being put out by Q, and spread by anons through social media. To some degree, this is forcing news sources to start retracting fake news. Beyond that, something behind the scenes has also changed for them. Q talked about the fake news and that it would get dealt with. He also said only 20% of what is happening will be seen by the public and the rest would be behind the scenes.

13. Q said pedophiles and sex trafficking were one of President Trumps highest priorities. Within a day or two after making this comment on 4chan, President Trump signed 2 executive orders in favor of human rights and against human trafficking. Since then, thousands of sexual predators and child traffickers have been arrested around the world. Q said global rings would be busted up. He also said the trade is paused right now, but can’t be stopped completely till all are arrested. Some research shows as many as 5000 arrests globally, as of the end of December 2017.

14. Anon’s familiar with the military have confirmed that Q’s multiple complex “stringers” of code are legit military code and not just gibberish. Here is an example of one of Q’s stringers that lists charges filed in Military court. [] Its been decoded to show the charges including maiming, mutiny and sedition (punishable by death) extortion, and that someone is pleading diminished capacity.

15. Q had talked in early posts about the advantages of trying someone in military court and what conditions have to exist for a civilian to be tried in Military court. News reports Guantanamo prison facilities are upgraded. Disabled wheel chair access added. Number of secure listening rooms with secure phone lines are added. Capacity for high profile prisoners expanded from 700 to 2000.

16. General Mattis makes an Unprecedented Unannounced Visit to GITMO. The Secretary of Defense has made it a tradition of visiting troops in combat zones throughout the past 15 years. He has only missed 2 years, including this past Christmas, unless Guantanamo bay is now a combat zone. Mattis chose to visit the prison this Christmas. No Secretary of Defense has made an unannounced visit there in 15 years.

17. On 12/5 Q posted that John Conyers would resign. That same day Rep. John Conyers announces his resignation.

18. On 12/6 Q posted in code Al Frankin would resign. The next day Rep. Al Franken announced he would be resigning after resisting despite more accusers coming forward.

19. On Dec 1, 2017 Q posted that many congressmen would be forced to retire early or resign in order to avoid prosecution.

On December 22, an anon posted a list of those who had since announced they were either retiring from politics completely or resigning. Q responded that there would be many more. To date 40 congressmen have been added to that list.

20. Q loses access to 8chan twice after losing access on 4chan. 8chan confirmed q’s trip code was compromised. This takes a great deal of effort. Who works this hard to shut down a LARP? Some say it would take very sophisticated computers. Q posts snow white in one of his last messages. Snow white was confirmed to be a operation name for the op to defend against and overcome the CIA and its 7 AI computers that are each named after the 7 dwarves.

21. 12/11 Q posted, ‘Risk of another shutdown” (referring to shutdown on 4chan 2 weeks ago). On 12/13 Q posted “The end is near” was he talking about the mission or his access to 8chan/posting. Lost access to /cbts/. 12/14 24hrs to restore trip code or departure. Godspeed. On 12/14 Q posted that he was having trouble entering his trip code and would have to change to a new code. 12/14 Trip code working on 4chan. 12/15 No ability to enter trip code on 8chan. 12/15 blocked from entering trip code. It appears this board is compromised 12/15 We may have exhausted our ability to maintain safe-comms (communications). Snow White (CIA & 7 AI super computers Rig for silent running. Unknown return. 12/15 You have it all. SEC Conf will be analyzed. Dark [10]. Enjoy the show, (= there will be news on the story). The next day Atlanta airport was shut down for 12 hours due to a power failure. Q later posted this was intentional act by black hats to cover the attempted escape of a Bishop in the cult. Soros?

22. Q posted repeatedly about the Rothschild’s as the family controlling the economies of most of the countries in the world through secret ownership of each countries federal banks. Then on Nov 15th he posted Lynn De Rothschild was calling for help and it would do her no good. “We can hear you Breathe”. 2 days later there is strange mid-air collision close to the Roth’s England estate. before the crash Q had put out a stringer in code. The phrase, “Green sky” appears in the code. Green is the name of one of the dead pilots. Later Q would post “for Green”, at the end of another stringer of code that seemed related to a mission. Green was the name of one of the pilots in the collision. Q later posted that one plane was a black hat and Green was a white hat. Names of other victims would not be released or several days. An unnamed Rothschild told first reporters on scene that the crash was right above him/her as she was out “Walking the dog”.

23. On 11/3 Q posted The Lord’s Prayer. On 12/7/17 Fox News reported that The Pope was changing a line of the Lord’s Prayer. Q has posted previously that The Pope is not what he seems. Research finds a picture of The Pope kissing the hand of a Rothschild. Q had asked, “why do the Swiss Guards protect The Pope”.

24. Q stated that McCain, Clinton were both targets of the mission. Both within a week of each other started wearing moon boots due to “injuries” soon after being MIA. Clinton’s boot has been on 10 weeks for a 4-6 week to heal broken toe. McCain’s boot for a torn Achilles changed legs in 1 photo. But it seems that either Washington DC is a dangerous place to be where feet are concerned, or increasing number of people are wearing them as security bracelets or cover a smaller more convenient security anklet. Here are photos of politicians, all wearing these orthopedic boots at the same time.

25. Multiple planes turn around en route to international locales. One flight headed to Japan returned after several hours of flight. One report stated that all passengers were required to sign NDA upon landing and that John Legend and Christie Teigen were arrested. 5 other international flights have returned to US. On Multiple Dates and multiple locations US airports have been grounded for various reasons, often times very questionable. 5 airports were also shutdown on Jan 3rd at the same time that 5+ were down in US. There have been multiple private plane crashes in international locations. At times, there are entire wealthy families on the plane and questions abound if those flights are staged to fake a criminal elites death while he escapes with his family. A later report claims that one couple was only detained and that they were allowed to board a plane to Japan a few hours later. The disturbing pictures come out with her child dressed as a hot dog, Alice and Wonderland, and pineapple and pizza emoji’s on her posts. She is said to be flashing these known pedophile symbols and then a hand gesture of the Illuminati.

26. Q has stated that 7/10 commercial plane crashes in the past were intentional false flags to assassinate a VIP on board. In 2017 there were zero commercial plane crashes and POTUS claims this is due to increased effort.

27. Does anyone really believe that both Japan and Hawaii accidentally sent incoming Missile emergency warning tweets to most of their citizenry? or that it took 35 minutes to discover the error in Hawaii? Whether it was a scare tactic they hoped would undermine Trump and Japans rulers or if it was a real launch we anons do not know.

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