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The Memo

The Memo

Have you heard of “The Memo”?   If not – it’s not surprising.  Most media and news sources refuse to discuss it.  The Washington Post has a long article posted January 24th that tells us it’s a Trump/Republican plot to stop Mueller’s investigation.  

Meanwhile Republican congressmen on the House Intelligence committee investigating “Russian Collusion” who finally received requested communications from the FBI (delayed for months) are on FOX news and others saying (about” The Memo” created by this committee) “Release it to the public – the people need to know this!”    

So who to believe? 

Some thoughts: 

– An official FISA court document was released April 2017 stating that in regards to “2016 certifications” the Government  violated the laws of surveillance of U.S. citizens.  Hmmm. 

– Could Senior FBI leaders have been aligned with the Obama/Clinton team for years?  (Think Comey’s “investigation” of Hillary Clinton e-mail efforts.)  If so is it possible something is wrong here? 

– A huge online push to support “The Memo” release results in a letter from senior Democrats (Feinstein & Schiff) to FaceBook and Twitter claiming the support was from “Russian bots” (robotic automated messages)  and asking these social media services to block the authors.  The real authors of the tweets flooded Feinstein & Schiff’s phones saying they were NOT BOTS! 

– Schiff said the memo shouldn’t be released because the people wouldn’t understand it.   

– Republicans are saying the findings are worse than they imagined possible.   

I’m neither a registered Democrat nor Republican.  I just want the Constitution to be followed.  I want to see what is in this memo.  Then I’ll think for myself and decide what it means.  How about you? 

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